Our Story

From 1996 to Present

Humble Beginnings

Our journey began modestly in the bustling heart of Dubai Gold Souk with a rhodium plating plant, simultaneously laying the cornerstone for our factory in Bur Dubai.

The Spark of Passion

With a small team of four artisans and two distributors, our production kicked off, driven by an unyielding passion for crafting exquisite gold jewellery.

A Technological Leap

In a pioneering move, we introduced the first CNC machine in bangle manufacturing, revolutionizing the industry and setting new standards for precision and quality.

The Birth of Au

The year marked the birth of the Au brand, a proud milestone that laid the foundation for our ambitious expansion plans. Our journey of growth had truly begun.

A Collection to Remember

We launched our debut collection, Mohenjodaro, which captivated the market and propelled our business growth by over 200%.

Scaling New Heights

As demand surged, we expanded our CNC machinery, reinforcing our commitment to meet market needs with unmatched efficiency.

Expanding Horizons

Our footprint extended to Mumbai with the establishment of T&F ORO and the launch of the Sound of Jewels collection. Au Finja made a notable appearance at IIJS, marking our entry into international markets.

A Trailblazer Emerges

Finja Jewellery solidified its position as an industry trailblazer, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

Going Global

Partnering with Dubai Duty Free, we expanded our reach to international travelers, bringing our exquisite jewellery to a global audience.

Advanced Production

We set up an advanced production line in DMCC, equipped to handle the growing demand for our products.

Swift Expansion

In a short span, we established Au Finja Jewels in Mumbai and completely transitioned our operations to DMCC, further strengthening our market presence.

Treasure Unveiled

The launch of our Treasure collection was met with resounding success, rapidly growing in demand.

A New Era

Under the visionary leadership of Ajay Sobhraj, Au Finja became a singly owned entity. The company underwent restructuring, with a professional team recruited to drive our inspired vision forward.

Doubling Growth

Experiencing 100% year-on-year growth, we introduced the Tres, Kairos, and Theia collections, further diversifying our offerings.

Market Expansion

We opened an office in Gold Souq, launched the Swara collection, and expanded into new markets, including China.

Strengthening Foundations

The Athena collection was launched, and we opened an office in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai. Our sales points grew to 17,000 worldwide, and we began planning for a larger workshop to meet future demand.

Global Reach

We expanded our reach to Australia, the UK, and Singapore, establishing a strong international presence.

Ausum Innovation

The Ausum collection was launched, made possible by new machinery added to our fleet in 2015. We expanded further into the US and Canada.

YuMe and Beyond

Our YuMe collection was warmly welcomed by retailers, and we introduced YuMe rings. This year also marked the foundation for a new, larger factory.

Resilient Growth

We continued to strengthen our global presence, expanding our network of sellers in Australia and the UK.

Post-Pandemic Support

In the wake of COVID-19, we helped our clients bounce back to pre-pandemic sales levels, reinforcing our commitment to their success.

Milestone Achievements

We became a prominent supplier for Tanishq, confirming 2.2 tons of annual business. Planning for a new factory in Mumbai began as we celebrated 25 years with renewed vision and vigor.

Oman's Golden Revolution

This year marks a significant milestone with the opening of our 27,000 square foot factory in Oman, inspired by the holy place of Fanja. With over 150 skilled workers and advanced machinery, this facility can process over 5 tons of gold annually. This expansion allows us to offer a wider range of products, including machine-made chains and casting products.

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