"We are now the world’s largest machine-made gold bangle manufacturers, our products are available at over 15,000 outlets worldwide"
- Ajay Sobhraj, Founder & Chairman of AuFinja
21 years of relentless efforts guided by a definite vision is the tale of AuFinja’s journey of success. Today, AuFinja is renowned for stylish 22 karat, 21 karat and 18 karat gold bangles. When AuFinja started in Dubai in 1997, we were characterized by our highly inventive approach, exquisite collections and exceptional service. It was spearheaded by Ajay Sobhraj, a jewellery connoisseur who infused style aesthetics, modernity and exclusivity to the art of adorning wrists. He modelled his perfection and innovation on his late father, a legendary craftsman who conceived the rhodium bangles in as far back as 1963.
Backed by two high-tech manufacturing hubs in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai respectively, AuFinja is a brand which is a fusion of creativity, hard work and smart business acumen. There is a superior detailing evident in each process of bangle making – from sketching to designing to crafting. Imaginative artistry, braced by the world’s finest machinery, meet and exceed the established global quality standards. The manufacturing facility in Dubai, UAE Headquarters is continually increasing its capacity to accommodate growing demand, while the Mumbai, India unit is scheduled to follow suit to match every expectation.
AuFinja has cut across every barrier of nationality and taste, enticing the discerning woman of the world. Owing to rapid success with distributors in New York, London and Hong Kong and a sturdy presence in the Middle East, the brand is making waves across the globe. The numbers speak for themselves.
The journey of excellence doesn’t end here. The future, like they say, is nothing short of dazzling.
In the race for excellence there is no finish line