A journey that's nothing short of dazzling!

AuFinja has cut across every barrier of nationality and taste, enticing the discerning woman of the world. Owing to rapid success with distributors in New York, London and Hong Kong and a sturdy presence in the Middle East.

Pure wrist fashion - The AuFinja excellence

We have learnt that exceptional women look further than the beauty of our bangles, they also expect that an AuFinja bangle should be in itself a statement, an expression of the provenance, design and craftsmanship that is our heritage.

Our Collections - It's all about elegance and innovation

Our team is inspired by the rules of elegance, exceptional craftsmanship and magical creativity. AuFinja bangles radiates with a soul and a promise of unique emotion. Explore our collections


It’s this delicate wrist that is our inspiration. The muse is you, the stylish modern woman who exudes individuality and femininity in equal measure. It’s this balance that AuFinja recreates in gold and precious metals with uniquely crafted bangles. Our creations are an ode to beauty and chic individualism. It’s your essence of pure wrist fashion.